Colorado Radon Facts
Elevated levels of radon are found in both new and old homes.
Radon can be found in homes built on all types of foundations, including
crawlspaces and slab-on-grade basements.
Radon can vary from house to house. The only way to know how much radon may be in the house you are buying, is to have it tested.
Radon is not just a concern in Colorado. Many other states have a high
percentage of homes with elevated radon levels.

How do I treat radon?

Simple radon reduction requires more than trying to seal openings in the
foundation of your home. Radon is mitigated by installing a system that will draw the radon-laden soil gas from beneath the foundation and exhaust it outside of the home, far enough away from windows and other openings that it will not re-enter.

If I find a home with a radon problem, should I look for another home?
If a properly performed test indicates an elevated level of radon in the home you wish to purchase, it is likely other homes in the same area may also have elevated radon. So, if you like the house, consider taking a reasoned approach that will confirm levels and positively reduce the radon.

Radon is one of the easiest problems to identify and fix!


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